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Everything Sexual does individual, relationship and sexuality counselling specializing in the discipline of Sexology.   We are trained to analyze and identify any and every sexual and relationship problem. Everything Sexual does counselling, diagnosis and therapy within our network of colleagues affiliated to us. Our staff at Everything Sexual are adequately qualified and trained to be professional and ethical at all times.


Being Happy is Key

The key component in successful relationships and healthy sexual self esteem is being able to call yourself happy. Everything Sexual is committed to taking care of the sexual well-being of all people. We believe that healthy sexuality is paramount to living a fulfilled, happy and content life.

Fun and Fantasy

Are you looking to spice up your sex life or live out  your fantasies?  Let us help you to responsibly identify the possibility of living out your fantasies and put some fun back into your lives and relationships.  Let us educate you enabling you to live your life to its fullest without weighing yourself down with convictions of whatever nature. We offer fun educational lessons in embarking upon the fascinating world of sex toys and sex aids.

Taking the Journey

Some journeys may feel as if they take longer than others.  Journeys must be started somewhere.  We make every attempt to help individuals to identify find and explore their true selves.  We start by restoring and building good self images and self esteem.  This is where the wonderful journey of sexual and self exploration begins. “The only journey is the one within”     Rilke

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Sex Education

Home11 We offer sex education to children as well as adults.   We will help you to educate and respect yourself regarding your own body and that of others


online counselling All our services are also available via email and Skype. After payment is made a question and answers session will be entered into.


We deal with a number of issues in a relationship ranging from inter transactional communications skills to identifying each other’s deepest fantasy


Homegay1 Does your sexual identity confuse you?  Are you Gay and don’t know how to tell your parents?


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Yvonne Bekker is an excellent therapist.  

Her demeanor is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible, and personal. My husband and I saw her for 1-on-1 and relationship counselling. Yvonne made me feel comfortable and relaxed and asked appropriate questions which she gave practical advice and support too.

I have found other therapists to be less practical or pragmatic than Yvonne. I have the sense that she REALLY cares about my well-being and not just allowing me a safe place to get my worries off my chest. She always makes the effort to take interest in a 360-view of your life and not only sexually. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone that values their personal happiness and wants a therapist that’s holistic and empowering.

Colleen Arend June 9, 2014