About Us

“Sexuality is something you are not something you do”

Anna Freud

Everything Sexual does individual, relationship and sexuality counseling specializing in the discipline of Sexology. We deal with any and every sexual problem within our network of colleagues affiliated to us. We do one on one counseling, diagnosis and therapy.

Everything Sexual is committed to taking care of the sexual well being of all people.  We believe that healthy sexuality is paramount to living a fulfilled, happy and content life. We make every attempt to help individuals to identify, find and explore their true selves.  We start by restoring and building a good self-image.  This is where the wonderful journey of sexual and self-exploration begins.

Everything Sexual will guide you through past difficult experiences that impact negatively on your sex life as well as your everyday life.  We will endeavor to find solutions through helping you work out possible outcomes.

Everything Sexual is an Online Counselling service via Skype.

Our offices are in Port Elizabeth.  Please call for an appointment.
Telephone nrs  082 467 4474
(Please leave a message if the call is not picked up and we will get back to you).

“Who promised you but only for joy were you brought to this earth”.

Anna Freud