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cheating partners

Dealing With A Cheating Partner

Finding out that your lifelong partner has been cheating on you can be very devastating. You get so overwhelmed by emotions of resentment and sorrow to the extent you fall into depression and stress. It gets even worse if you already have children because the thought of getting a divorce is inconceivable. You may try

sexual fantasies

Are Sexual Fantasies Good For Your Relationship?

Brad Pitt in Louise an Thelma and Johnny Depp in – ummh, anything…sex out in the rain…spanking…these are just some of the sexual fantasies that many have. Almost everyone has the things or thoughts that get them very hot beneath the collar. This is considered to be a perfectly normal thing. To desire, to dream and to just let your find wander to places of ecstasy and fun. However, the question remains. Are these dosages of sexual fantasies good for the relationships we are in? Or are they acts of indulgence that have the ability to come between couples? Well, read on to find out more.