Clinical Sexology

Do you suffer from low libido (female as well as male),  Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.?  Is sex painful and unpleasant.?  Do your struggle to reach orgasm? We assist in diagnosing possible reasons for all the above and many more as well as offer sexual therapy to assist in overcoming the problem. We deal with any clinical sexual problem preceding and beyond the pathology of such including sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and Aids.

These problems must however cause difficulty of a personal nature before we can diagnose and classify these as such.

Most times we perceive sexual problems as scary and mostly need someone to help us to analyze and identify the real problem.  Everything Sexual will help with the diagnosis of such problems and will also refer you to the correct professional to deal with your problem.  People often find themselves moving around in circles wondering what to do or who to speak to about an issue.

Let us help you understand your sexual stimulus enabling you to categorize your specific kink or the attachment to something that goes beyond the perception of being classified as normative behavior.  To us what would seem normal would to others be perverted.  We need to come to terms with, manage, understand or change certain attitudes in regards to certain aspects in our lives.