Online Counselling

online counselling

Talking about the challenges of married life, personal problems or sexual issues is normally very difficult for most people. Online counselling bridges this gap!

This platform creates a safe non-judgemental environment where we can discuss anything ranging from sexual preferences to issues of task distribution within a modern household with two working parents.

Our online counselling offers marriage counselling as well as a relationship analysis. We get to know each other likes, dislikes and everything in between. We work out practical solutions to your problems with the help of both partners in a marriage.

From the womb to the tomb is our motto for a healthy sexual life. We focus on creating sexual excitement between two consenting adults. We give answers to difficult questions which may be blocking your mind from experiencing the true pleasure of a healthy sex life. Our knowledge is derived from years of successful practice and a network of professionals. Careful research and keeping up with new studies and trends is why we are successful. Anything ranging from sexual preference to spicing up your sex life can be discussed.

We can offer advice on how to introduce kink into your relationship, or how to handle your current kink or manage an alternative sexual relationship. If you’re just plain bored or you don’t know how to tell your partner that your sexual relations are not quite what you like or the way you like it, is what we can help you overcome. If this sounds familiar then online counselling is just the thing for you.

Your online counsellor will be subject to the same code of ethics of which the counsellor must at all times be a registered member (registration details will be sent upon request).

Advantages Of Online Counselling

  • You don’t have to be nervous. No on the spot questions
  • It is easier to work through your thoughts and put them down on paper
  • No driving to long consultations and no waiting in a busy reception area
  • Secure and Private platform. No one knows that you need a little help
  • No waiting for days and weeks to secure an appointment
  • Much more cost effective
  • You can communicate with the counsellor from anywhere and anytime
  • Short response time
  • An easy way of getting all those awkward and niggling questions answered

Our Areas Of Counselling

  • Issues of a Personal Nature
  • Any and all Sexuality Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Relationship Counselling

How It Works

We do not accept medical aids.

Upon receipt of the first email or message, it will be considered as you giving consent, to begin with counselling.

We offer a once off “answers to questions” category at R150.00 per exchange. This is not a consultation. Short questions will be answered.

We offer a relationship analysis package starting at R3 000.00 per couple which comprises of 1 exchange between each party, answering a relationship questionnaire and then a feedback session after the questionnaire has been analyzed. This report will be emailed to both parties.

We offer monthly packages. R950 per month for 5 e-mail exchanges during a period of one month.

6 Months – R4500.00 for 5 email exchanges per month for a period of 6 months.

The counsellor will respond within a time frame of 48 hours.

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