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Brad Pitt in Louise an Thelma and Johnny Depp in – ummh, anything…sex out in the rain…spanking…these are just some of the sexual fantasies that many have. Almost everyone has the things or thoughts that get them very hot beneath the collar. This is considered to be a perfectly normal thing. To desire, to dream and to just let your find wander to places of ecstasy and fun. However, the question remains. Are these dosages of sexual fantasies good for the relationships we are in? Or are they acts of indulgence that have the ability to come between couples? Well, read on to find out more.

Men and women have sexual fantasies

Research shows that both men and women fantasize. However, women’s fantasies are more romantic while males are explicit. This however is a generalization as some women have explicit sexual fantasies too. In addition, there are those who do not fantasize at all.However, it has been suggested by many professionals that fantasizing during sex with your partner may undermine or diminish the bond that you share sexually. In addition, having fantasies can leave you dissatisfied when it comes to your actual sex life. As if that is not all, many religions consider the as well as the mind to be sacred. As a result, unholy sexual desires and practices playing out in your mind is just as sinful as doing them physically.

Increasing sexual satisfaction

Despite the bad, sexual fantasies do give a good twist and add flavor to your relationship sexually. This is so since women especially, use the fantasies to give their sexual desire a boost and facilitate their sexual functioning the more. Especially when it comes to orgasms. In addition, they have the ability to aid people deal with emotional stresses involved with sex. They help reduce the stumbling blocks to achieving sexual satisfaction.

However, it is wise to remember that sexual fantasies are just that. Fantasies and not reality. Therefore some of the fantasies such as having a threesome are probably left to linger in the brain. However, it can be fun to spice up your love life by trying some of the fantasies that you have.

What are your thoughts on sexual fantasies?

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